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  • kevr**** posted at 6/1/2023
    I’ve ordered several times before and was very satisfied. Today I ordered 6 wings for $9 and received 6 wing dings. Outrageously overpriced. 
  • theresav********* posted at 9/10/2022
    Order#520473544 placed for lunch special on 09/10/2021.  Today’s food was horrible the rice soggy, broccoli not fresh not edible,  shrimp rolls hard and chicken wings and rice looked old like food that was previously cooked.  I was very disappointed have spent hundreds of dollars and recommended restaurant to many friends food was superb, you dropped the ball today, had to discard the food.
  • ldjenk****** posted at 7/30/2022
    We have ordered many times from this restaurant. It is always good, but our order tonight was the best. The order was delivered quickly, it was still really hot. 
  • jl123a****** posted at 7/7/2022
    My combination platters today were missing the egg rolls
  • donnal******* posted at 9/23/2021
    you lost an order today because your phones are not working. I tried several times.
  • destryj******* posted at 1/27/2021
    With a Lemonade 
  • 1472jg****** posted at 10/16/2020
    Delivery Driver was very kind. The staff taking orders is a joke. Poor driver has been lost and its been over an hour because the wrong address was given. I have an email confirming the address and specific directions. There are only 2 apartment complexes on 301.....yall losing your mind.
  • rgymt***** posted at 10/19/2019
    I have been a customer for the last 10 years. I had a House Special Lo Mein yesterday, and as usual the food was fine. After my meal I wanted to use the wash room; the lady attending told me 'we do not have a wash room' , I know you do; and she actually used (the attending Asian lady)  it while I was eating. As usual I never make a fuss, but It made me wonder - why would she deny me access to the toilet - surely it is not because of how I look or my complexion. I know my contribution to the unit is very minimal. I will not be coming back or order take outs any more. I will keep my mouth shut nor would not report, but should anyone ask my for my opinion about your place; I would surely let them know.
  • dsar***** posted at 5/12/2019
    I placed an order online at 5:21pm. The options for tip was left 00.00 , Because I put my debt card information for payment and was I was tipping with cash . My Order was delivered at 7:18pm. 
    The nice young man that delivered the order after handing him his tip he informed me that it was a cash order . No why would I have put my debt card info in ? 
    I called to pay for it . Total 22.75. That included a 3.00 delivery charge. 
    When I received my bank transaction notice my debt card was charged 27.75 . Wow . A 5.00 difference. Then I am told by them ohyou must of put 5.00 tip .I said no I didn't nor did I give you permission to charge my card for any more then 22.75. 
    What is the chances that I will order through Shing Wang again or Refer them to anyone. NONE
  • bwiz**** posted at 1/26/2019
    Do you have homemade ice tea? We would want 4, if you have it.
  • birdiem******** posted at 8/2/2018
    Please contact me about your Feature in St. Georges Game Program